How To Recycle Your Clay

As you work with clay, you will definitely have a lot of unused materials. You can simply dump them down the drain, but chances are you're contributing to environmental waste. It also can wreak havoc on your plumbing, sewer and septic systems. So, instead of dumping them, you can recycle them back into usable clay again. If the scraps haven’t dried out too much and are in the perfect state, you can re-work them without having too much fuss.

But what if the scraps are either too dry or too wet?

The easiest way is to use a pug mill, but we know that not everybody could afford such equipment. That’s why in this post we would like to help you figure out how to recycle your clay by hand and give you some tips on reclaiming your clay without a lot of hassle.

STEP 1: Collect and Store your Scraps of Clay

First, divide your scraps into types based on the same types of clay and the same stage. That means terracotta leatherhard in one bucket and stoneware in another. Then put them in a bucket. Allow the scraps to dry completely, but make sure that any large pieces are already broken into smaller bits. Smaller pieces will slake down faster and more thoroughly than large chunks.

STEP 2: Submerge into Water