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Updated: Apr 1

Covid-19 pandemic has definitely changed the dynamics of our lives. Now in 2021 we are still navigating our way through this and figuring out how to keep our essential activities going while social distancing and hopefully for many of us, staying at home. Now that a lot of us are working from home and going about in our lives with a new schedule and trying to stay healthy, here are a few ideas of activities we can do not to only fill our free time but also enrich our lives;

1. Help Our Elders With Video Call

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During this pandemic we are doing adapting to a new way to interact with each other through video call. Not only for work which often involves zoom meeting which seem to be a big trend now, but also to interact with our families that might be living in a different place. While us millennials are familiar with the new tech, that might not be the case for our grandparents or even parents. First thing we can do to maintain our communication and also help our older family members during this pandemic is to help them with learning how to use their gadgets for video call. We are welcoming the Chinese New Year after all, it would be nice to celebrate the occasion with our families altogether…even if we’re not physically together.

2. Pottery

If this pandemic is really testing your patience, then pottery is the activity to learn that definitely require care, attention and of course patience. It is therapeutic and meditative and definitely a wonderful way to hone your artistic skills. You can even make your own dinner plates to use at home for your newfound love of pandemic cooking. There are studios providing in person private classes with health protocols. Otherwise if you prefer to learn from the comfort and safety of your own home, there are studios providing online classes. Tanakita Ceramics are providing online throwing and hand building classes which you can register right here on our website.

3. Drive In Movies

Let’s take it back to the 80s now. While cinemas are closed and everyone’s missing the joy of going to the movies with friends, we can now do it in our cars like our parents did in their days. Drive-In Senja are holding drive in cinemas in different cities in Indonesia at different periods of times of the year. So far, they’ve brought the big screen to Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, and Bali. Keep checking out their schedules on their Instagram account.

4. Work Out at Home

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Staying fit and healthy is definitely recommended during this pandemic. Not to mention it’s just all around good for your physical and mental health. Get your body going and let those endorphins work from the safety of your own home while we maintain social distancing. There are some Youtube channels that we recommend and you can enjoy for free such as Yoga with Kassandra and Yoga with Adrienne if you like yoga and meditation. For you who like pilates classes, we highly recommend Move with Nicole and Dansique Fitnesss. These workouts are very home friendly and don’t require a lot of tools.

1. Online Gallery and Museum Tours

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Exploring art and history is never a bad idea and definitely something everyone need to do more. Supporting our artists, learning history, and immerse yourselves in art to enrich your knowledge. While most galleries and museums are currently close, there are online tours that you can take. We recommend The British Museum Virtual Tour , Guggenheim Museum in New York , National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, and the Picasso Museum in Barcelona .

These are some activities we recommend for you to do during this pandemic. Most of these activites are fun, enriching, and also safe. Now while you’re deciding which to do first, please stay safe, wear your mask, and wash your hands. Hopefully we’ll be seeing you online or in our studio soon!

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