Covid-19 pandemic has definitely changed the dynamics of our lives. Now in 2021 we are still navigating our way through this and figuring out how to keep our essential activities going while social distancing and hopefully for many of us, staying at home. Now that a lot of us are working from home and going about in our lives with a new schedule and trying to stay healthy, here are a few ideas of activities we can do not to only fill our free time but also enrich our lives;

1. Help Our Elders With Video Call

courtesy of USA Today

During this pandemic we are doing adapting to a new way to interact with each other through video call. Not only for work which often involves zoom meeting which seem to be a big trend now, but also to interact with our families that might be living in a different place. While us millennials are familiar with the new tech, that might not be the case for our grandparents or even parents. First thing we can do to maintain our communication and also help our older family members during this pandemic is to help them with learning how to use their gadgets for video call. We are welcoming the Chinese New Year after all, it would be nice to celebrate the occasion with our families altogether…even if we’re not physically together.